Jim & Pat’s Glasgow West End Chat

Pat chats with Linda Jackson - singer, writer and inspirational tutor

April 21, 2018

Episode seven of Jim & Pat's Glasgow West End Chat: Linda Jackson

In this episode Pat talks to the blues singer, writer and creative writing tutor Linda Jackson. Linda talks about her work with unpublished (and published) writers, her life-long love of music and about the book she is editing called ‘Growing and Dying’. The book is a tribute to her close friend, the writer Janet Paisley.

A Joni Mitchell fan, Linda is also working on a special event around the music of this great artist. Linda is a fabulouse singer and performer so expect the night to be a special one. 

So let’s join Pat and Linda in the Kibble Palace where they met for a chat. 


Pat's guide to Glasgow West End: http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk

Linda Jaxson: http://www.lindajaxson.com

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