Jim & Pat’s Glasgow West End Chat

Michaela Foster Marsh interview by Pat Byrne - Podcast episode 2

March 1, 2018
Born and bred in Glasgow's West End, Michaela Foster Marsh has made her mark in more ways than one.  Through her work for Starchild Charity she was shorlisted for Scottish Women of the Year 2017 and, identified as someone who is helping to change the world through their voluntry work, she received the Points of Light Award. In 2012 Michaela established the Starchild Charity in memory of her brother Frankie Marsh and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to build a school for creative arts in Uganda.
If you live in Glasgow you may have noticed, and contributed to, some of the very original fundraising events which support the chairty – incuding Art for Auction, organised in conjunction with her extremely supportive partner Rony Bridges. 

Apart from her work with Starchild Michaela is a talened singer-songwriter. She has released her own CDs and performed at a number of prestigious events including the Cannes Film Festival. 

Michaela, very kindly agreed to be my guinea pig for a podcast interview for my website.  She was a fascinating subject so I hope you enjoy it, despite a few technical hitches. I'll get better. :)