Jim & Pat’s Glasgow West End Chat

Michael Dale, Director of Glasgow West End Festival : From Egypt to Glasgow via London’s Old Vic

May 17, 2018

Jim & Pat's Glasgow West End Chat, Episode 14: Michael Dale, Director of Glasgow West End Festival: From Egypt to Glasgow via London's Old Vic

In this episode Jim chats with Michael Dale, the Director of the West End Festival. Michael tells us about his early adventures booking Pink Floyd and Fairport Cenvention for St Andrew's University Film & Music Festival - a formative experience, which prepared him to later run the word's largest Arts Festival, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Along the way Michael has met a Woolworth's mixture sized bag of the famous and the good – including Cliff Richard, Tom Paxton, Margo MacDonald and many many more.

For the last 24 years Michael has been running the Glasgow West End Festival while putting on numerous other festivals along the way includng The River Festival and previously the Glasgow Garden Festival and the European Special Olympics.

Sit back and listen as Michael tells us about his fascinating journey. Anything I write in this intro couldn't tell you the half of it.

This years West End Festival starts on Thursday 31st of May and continues thru Sat 30th June 2018.



Music by Jim Byrne

Photo @ Jim Byrne