Jim & Pat’s Glasgow West End Chat

Lesley O’Brien - Part 2: Becoming a professional storyteller

February 28, 2021

Lesley O'Brien Storyteller

Lesley O'Brien - Part 2: Chatting with Jim Byrne about becoming a professional storyteller

Jim & Pat's Glasgow West End Chat - Episode 87

In this episode storyteller, poet, singer, songwriter Lesley O'Brien talks about her own journey to becoming a professional storyteller, poet, songwriter and singer. It was a joy to chat with Lesley. 

Save Carlton Studios

This is our second special episode to Help Save Carlton Studios. Carlton Studios will close if money cannot be raised to see it through the current lockdown. With no financial help from the government, it is up to Glasgow's community of arts and music lovers and friends to keep the studio open until it can start earning its own keep again. 

if Carlton closes it means a loss of income for many workers, including cleaners, café staff, music tutors, sound engineers, filmmaker and studio assistants.


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